With the rapid development of Artificial Intelligence, many people are concerned about the mass loss of jobs. Does this issue apply to SEO specialists? The rapid progress of generative models capable of creating text, images, or music presents both a great opportunity for development and a threat to many workers at various levels. Similarly useful and dangerous are AI-powered analytical programs. Learn what the future may hold for the SEO industry, which will undoubtedly increasingly utilize both AI and simpler automation.

Where will AI be most utilized in SEO?

Actually, it’s not a matter of will happen, it’s already happening and still evolving. Tools that assist in SEO and the work of SEO specialists, such as Semrush, Senuto, Ahrefs, and Surfer SEO, are already based on artificial intelligence. Many such tasks can also utilize free ChatGPT – an example could be the creation of keyword strategies. The same generative model creates texts that may not always be suitable for publication yet can provide a solid foundation for further improvements. Content marketing may be inundated with „artificial” texts. This raises the question of whether it will trigger any changes in Google’s algorithms, which are used by most people when searching for products or services online. The Search Engine Result Page (SERP) will undoubtedly change as AI becomes more widespread. Currently, the emphasis is on the quality of texts, which somewhat limits the creation of mass mediocre texts. However, most tasks are still performed by humans using automation tools that increasingly incorporate AI methods. Will there eventually be a complete program capable of replacing any SEO specialist?

AI and Customer Behavior

As challenging as predicting trends in AI development is predicting how customers will react to them. Will they still want to browse through numerous suggestions from a classic search engine, or will they use AI? They could request an order for their city’s most popular pizza delivery or a green city bike with a basket for less than 3,000 Polish złoty. Will people in their constant hurry decide on such actions? Perhaps. This will undoubtedly have a huge impact on the SEO industry, not to mention those making purchases and seeking information on the internet.

Google vs. Bing

For the past few years, Google has dominated the search engine market. Websites are optimized for its algorithms. Microsoft’s Bing search engine is beginning to play an increasingly significant role, especially in China and the USA. Worldwide, Google has an 85 percent market share, while Bing has only 8 percent, but at times in the United States, Bing handles up to thirty percent of queries. Why is its share increasing? It’s because it uses AI to provide ready answers (the list of results is still visible, of course). This speeds up and simplifies finding the desired information. However, this practice is starting to raise objections from website creators who often relied on ads, which AI algorithms won’t view, so they won’t earn anything. Perhaps such issues will be regulated by law, but whether that will happen or when it will happen is unknown. Google has already attempted to respond with its AI in the form of the Bard search engine, but it was withdrawn due to too many errors. Currently, tests are ongoing with selected users for a new version in the United Kingdom and the United States. The outcome of this competition is unknown, but it will certainly have a significant impact on SEO and the entire internet.

Will SEO specialists become obsolete?

The answer at this stage is negative. For now, specialists are still needed. However, this doesn’t mean they can rest easy. They will likely need to learn new skills even faster and adapt to changing conditions. At this stage, AI doesn’t yet create error-free texts or offer an artificial „specialist” who can do everything from start to finish. However, it’s not excluded that such a solution will emerge in the near future. Nevertheless, the constant advancement of technology has already accustomed you to rapid changes, and now they will probably be even more rapid. Therefore, you must keep your finger on the pulse and keep up with new technologies, which are more likely to modify your work than deprive you of it.

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