A good advertising slogan must capture attention. But how can you achieve that without repeating worn-out phrases that have been used a thousand times before? Discover the basic principles of creating memorable advertising slogans and what you should avoid when coming up with a slogan for your product, service, or brand.

So, what should a good advertising slogan look like?

There are several fundamental characteristics that a slogan should adhere to. In other situations, it may be good, but these are rarer cases. Here are some important features:

  1. Simplicity – This is crucial. The best slogans typically consist of only three or four words and are commonly known, short, and impactful. Examples include „Closer by Lot,” „Sugar Strengthens,” and „Only the Best – Łowicz.”
  2. Memorability – This ties in with the previous point, and it’s important that the slogan is easy to remember. Additionally, it should be easy to pronounce, such as „Kiwi Paste will revive you,” „Calgon extends the life of your washing machine,” or „Everyone has Mamba, and so do I.”
  3. Distinctiveness – It’s good if the slogan contains something unique, distinctive, or surprising. The overuse of advertising slogans can desensitize consumers to repetitiveness about the lowest prices, highest quality, new products on the market, etc. Examples include „Shopping with us will get under your skin” – Promil liquor store, „Big means more” – PZU (insurance company), and „Eat a Snickers because you’re starting to act like a diva.”
  4. Identification – A good slogan should relate to the brand name or include it. Examples include „So it’s Frugo,” „Nokia Connecting People,” and „Ikea – You rule here.”
  5. Language of Benefits – The advertising slogan should immediately inform the customer that they will benefit from the product or service. Examples include „Drink milk, you’ll grow big” (a social campaign), and „Biedronka – Everyday Low Prices.”

Advertising Slogan vs. Brand Slogan

It’s worth distinguishing between these two terms, although they are often used interchangeably, which they shouldn’t be. An advertising slogan typically relates to a specific campaign, product, or service. A brand slogan is like a slogan for the brand as a whole. Slogans often accompany companies for many years. Examples include Nike’s „Just do it?” and Biedronka’s „Everyday Low Prices.” In this category, perhaps the most widespread phrase is „Diamonds are forever,” created for De Beers in the 1940s, which is now part of global culture.

The Power of the Best Advertising Slogans

A very good advertising slogan has the chance to become a kind of legend and outlive even the existence of the company or brand it advertised. Nowadays, it could be said that it has become a widely repeated verbal viral. This has happened with many phrases and sayings from slogans that have entered everyday language. Examples include pre-war „Sugar strengthens,” „So it’s Frugo,” „Father’s washing,” „Almost makes a difference,” „A spoonful of the impossible,” „I’m into Lotto,” or „If you can’t see the difference, why pay more?”

Typical Ways of Creating Catchy Slogans

Of course, there are many techniques, and you need to have a great imagination, but it’s worth considering these few basic ways:

  1. Alliteration – Repeating words or groups of words at the beginning or in emphasized positions in a phrase. Examples include „My life, My Day, My coffee – Prima,” „Always passionately, always for you – Lefrosch,” and „Your city, Your cinema – Helios” or „CCC – Price Makes Miracles.”
  2. Abbreviations – For example, „Wants Ż, Wife without Ż is only her” for Żywiec beer.
  3. Wordplay – These are great for slogans that everyone can repeat. „Strong in the mouth” for Extra Mocne cigarettes, „Shopping like on a cornflake” for Stokrotka, or „You’ll succeed with Kasia” for Margarine Kasia. Also, „Żubr outdoes Żywiec” for Żubr beer.
  4. Simple Comparisons – Combining product features. For example, „So much freshness and only two calories – TicTac,” or „Melts in your mouth, not in your hand – M&M.”
  5. Unusual and Surprising Combinations – This is a rather abstract category, but such slogans grab attention. „This is not an ordinary banana – it’s Chiquita,” and „Red Bull gives you wings.”

What to Do If You Lack Ideas or Need Them in Large Quantities?

In such cases, you have several options. Starting with the most budget-friendly, you can organize a slogan contest among employees or customers. A motivating prize is necessary to encourage participants to take this task seriously. You can also seek help from specialists, whether they are various types of freelance professionals or large professional companies. What you choose depends on your budget.

Always remember to have the appropriate documentation confirming the transfer of copyright. Also, check in a search engine if such a slogan has not already been used elsewhere. Such a mistake can be costly both financially and in terms of your brand’s reputation.

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